Employee-owned Kerotest celebrates its Centennial, 25th ESOP Anniversary; kicks-off year-long commemoration with dedicated micro-site.

January 1, 2009, Pittsburgh, PA — Already a supplier of valves to oil fields worldwide when the company was just 8 years old, Pittsburgh-based valve manufacturer, Kerotest, went on to introduce the first steel gate valve for the natural gas industry in the 1960’s and become a major supplier to the emerging nuclear industry in the early 1970’s. 1983 was marked by the employee purchase of the company; an event that current Chief Executive Officer, Bob Visalli says was the most significant in the manufacturer’s long history. “When we became an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) company, every employee became an owner with a real stake in the company’s future,” said Visalli. “Customers know they can count on us to be here and be accountable. For us, 100 years is just getting started.” is the dedicated micro-site that includes a show and tell of the company’s history, a look to the future, product information and details the year-long commemoration.

With 30,000 square foot of manufacturing, machining and office facilities in its Pittsburgh headquarters, a second 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Mansura, Louisiana, and a 50,000 square foot facility recently opened in Plum Borough, Pennsylvania dedicated to fulfilling an ongoing series of contracts to produce valves for a nuclear enrichment facility in Ohio, Visalli is confident the company is positioned for the future. “We are, and will be, a supplier of valves and accessories to the world’s energy markets. Wherever energy flows, our valves will be there offering proven reliability,” said Visalli.

Throughout its history, Kerotest has engineered many firsts. The first American manufactured cast steel gate valve for the oil industry. The first packless metal-diaphragm valve to the refrigeration market in 1930. Later, applying existing Kerotest technology, the company introduced the first metal-diaphragm valve for the nuclear industry. In 1982, Kerotest invented and patented the world’s first hermetic bellows stem seal device. And in 1988, the company became the first approved polyethylene valve supplier to British Gas (now National Grid). In 1994 Kerotest introduced the first universal electrofusion control box to the natural gas industry, followed 7 years later by the introduction of the first universal cordless electrofusion controller with bar code technology. And in 2003, Kerotest announced its Polyball® polyethylene ball valves with the industry’s first full forward and backward traceability.

The ability to adapt and change, transitioning from steel to plastic valves, for example; the capability to apply existing valve technology to other industries; and the commitment to remain employee-owned are the primary reasons the company gives for its growth and what it deems a bright future serving the world’s energy markets.


About Kerotest Manufacturing Corp.

Kerotest Manufacturing Corp. is a leading supplier of valves and related equipment for the worldwide energy markets, including natural gas distribution, oil & gas drilling and nuclear fuel. The company is celebrating its 100th year in 2009 and wrapping up its 25th year as an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company. Kerotest is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where its product development, engineering, manufacturing and customer service operations are located. The company also has a facility in the Pittsburgh area dedicated to serving the nuclear industry and a manufacturing facility for its line of instrumentation valves and Polyball® polyethylene ball valves in Mansura, Louisiana.

Robert G. Visalli
President & CEO